What is the Passages Philosophy?

The philosophy of Passages is centered around the belief that drug and alcohol addiction is not a disease. Unlike 12-step programs, clients at Passages Malibu are told that they are not powerless and that there are plenty of ways to handle a drug and alcohol addiction. Most importantly, clients learn that an addiction to drugs and alcohol does not have to last forever.

Passages Malibu was founded in 2001 as a direct response to the outdated 12-step method. As a result, many of the most crucial aspects of Passages’ philosophy defy the 12-step model completely. One-on-one counseling is emphasized over group therapy. The point of the therapy is not to berate somebody for their addiction, but rather to help them understand why they are driven to use drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Passages Malibu is where clients can heal not only from physical addiction, but also from the mental and spiritual effects as well. This is what allowed Pax Prentiss to find sobriety after ten years of drug and alcohol addiction, and it’s what can work for you. Please call Passages Malibu at (888) 920-8849 to learn more about how Passages differs from 12-step drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Identifying the Four Causes of Addiction

Have you ever wondered why some people can use drugs and alcohol without getting addicted, yet others can’t? Identifying what caused the drug and alcohol addiction to progress and develop the heart of Passages’ philosophy. Though everyone’s individual circumstances may differ, the reasons for developing a drug and alcohol addiction are always identical.

Any given drug and alcohol addiction can be traced back to at least one of the four main causes. At Passages Malibu, we’ve found the four causes for drug and alcohol addiction are as follows: