Passages Malibu is in Malibu, California

Now is your chance to find inspiration at Passages Malibu, the premiere luxury rehabilitation center in Southern California. Passages Malibu uses only the best and most advanced holistic treatments to help its clients recover from serious drug and alcohol addictions. By identifying the underlying causes of an addiction, Passages Malibu can remove more than just the physical dependency – it can get to the very source of the addiction itself.

Passages Malibu’s custom Treatment Program is further enhanced by the rejuvenating effects of the subtropical ocean breeze coming from the Pacific only a few miles away. The year-round subtropical climate is conducive to healing no matter what time of the year you come to Passages Malibu. Clients are eventually permitted to leave the campus on supervised and unsupervised leaves if they so choose.

Here’s what to expect when you leave Passages Malibu’s ten-acre campus and explore its surrounding areas.

What to Do in Malibu, CA

The most obvious answer for most is to go to the nearest beach and lay out in the sun. Malibu has dozens of beaches to choose from, each with its own distinct look and feel. Some beaches have excellent waves and are primarily meant for surfing, such as Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach. Others, like Point Dume, are better for snorkeling, and some like Big Rock Beach are good for a romantic walk.

If you like competition, Malibu has huge tournaments along the beach for soccer, frisbee, volleyball and other great sports. A lot of these tournaments also double as fundraisers for charity. Even if you don’t have time for a tournament, there’s almost always a friendly group of people who will let you into a casual game.

When you aren’t snorkeling, sunbathing or surfing, you can enjoy Malibu’s indoor activities, where quality entertainment takes precedence over everything else. Malibu has some of the best seafront dining in the entire state, and the shopping boutiques are often frequented by celebrities and professional athletes. If you like history, there are plenty of historic houses and fun exhibits (like the Lagoon Museum) to learn more about the area’s local history.


Redefine Yourself with Passages Malibu in Southern California

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation does not have to feel burdensome or lonely when you choose Passages Malibu in Southern California. Come to Malibu and surround yourself with a healthy environment, beautiful weather and a host of potential new friends from all over the world. When you or someone you love is ready to recover from drugs and alcohol the right way in Malibu, California, then please call us at (866) 694-0323.