The Founding of Passages Malibu

Chris Prentiss and his son Pax are the proud and prestigious co-founders of Passages Malibu. The father-son team established Passages Malibu in 2001 as a way to celebrate Pax’s first successful year of sobriety from marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and heroin. Pax had unfortunately been addicted to these substances for over ten years prior to this momentous occasion.

Although he was now a sober family man, getting there had been a long and difficult journey. Pax had struggled for years to get clean for the sake of himself and his family, including his infant daughter. He tried hard to stay sober and follow the rules of various treatment programs, but no matter if it was a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day stay, Pax couldn’t seem to stay sober for more than two months after completion.

After trying AA meetings, home detox, therapy, and many other efforts, it was becoming clear that modern treatments were just not working. Every passing relapse had put his personal relationships in further risk and made his dire situation even more apparent. At the same time, Pax was desperate to become sober and doing all he could think of to stay away from past mistakes, so he couldn’t understand why he kept failing.

After some deliberation, Chris and Pax realized that the philosophy of modern drug rehabilitation programs was incorrect and outdated. Forcing Pax to confess that he was a helpless addict was demeaning, hurtful and counterproductive. If anything, a large part of Pax’s drug and alcohol use was to temporarily escape the way modern treatments were making him feel.

The two set out to build a new recovery model that was not centered on negatively stereotyping drug and alcohol users. There was no need to make people feel guilty and unworthy. With this in mind, Pax adopted a healthier mentality that extended far beyond merely abstaining from drugs.

Pax used a series of empowering holistic modalities to help him see inside of himself and identify the underlying causes driving him to use drugs and alcohol. By removing the negative stigmas of guilt and shame surrounding his addiction, Pax was to objectively view his behaviors from a neutral standpoint and get to the bottom of why he was using.

Pax knew that if he could do it, so could others. He suggested to Chris that they take what they have learned and provide the public with a fresh alternative solution to older drug and alcohol treatments. The end result is Passages Malibu, the first Passages Rehab luxury clinic of many.

Passages Malibu has helped rid thousands of clients rid of their drug and alcohol addictions, and we can do the same for you. Please call (888) 920-8849 to speak with a representative who can show you exactly how Passages Malibu is prepared to provide assistance. Our addiction specialists are prepared to create a holistic Treatment Program that’s especially for you, so call today.